Samantha Macher 

  • The Arctic Circle *And a Recipe for Swedish Pancakes, Finalist, Dolce Revolution Playwriting Competition, Dolce Revolution Theater, Washington, D.C 
  • FRONT Magazine ("The Arctic Circle") "Roanoke Theater Just Keeps Getting Better…[The Arctic Circle is an] inventive, funny, clever, touching tale of a woman who loves too much without really having a clue what it's about."
  • FRONT Magazine (To the New Girl") "The writing here simply crackles with intellect, wit, insight and a kind of theatrical introspection that makes live performance unparallelled in some ways… This one will be Studio Roanoke's standard for a while, I suspect."
  • Los Angeles Times Review (“To the New Girl”) “…Samantha Macher's new play is “To the New Girl"… this entertaining evening consists of 10 monologues from various women scorned who directly address their exes’ new wives and lovers. Monologue plays are standard theatrical fare in which the playwright can trowel on an overriding theme without worrying overmuch about dramatic cohesion…Macher handles the exercise with considerable panache…From the profane to the poignant, the opening and closing scenes effectively frame the other monologues, which show Macher’s impressive range.”
  • Los Angeles Times Review (“WAR BRIDE”) "Bigotry, paranoia and violence lurking beneath the frayed comforts of home and hearth roll out a less than hospitable welcome mat to the reluctant “War Bride” at the center of Samantha Macher’s new psychological drama… Macher’s storytelling remains taut and gripping throughout."
  • LA Weekly Review  (To the New Girl…) “To the credit of the playwright and the company, Macher wrote this play at the request of this company's members to counterbalance the overwhelmingly male-oriented perspective of their past productions…Macher's writing reflects the humor and detail of an insightful storyteller.”
  • LA Weekly Review (“WAR BRIDE”) "[WAR BRIDE is a] raucously savage…black comedy about power and the coercive aspects of gender… Macher and director Nancy Dobbs Owen have a field day skewering a gamut of melodramatic tropes by slathering them with a rich sauce of Sirkian irony and J-Horror visions.
  • NoHo Arts (“To the New Girl”) “Smart and sophisticated…is not an exaggeration when talking about the new play at the SkyPilot Theater Company in North Hollywood. This poignant and often humorous look at relationships from the female perspective is witty, charming and well worth seeing. It is an enjoyable and sometimes uneasy look at women who are ‘left behind’ when dreams, hope, and trust are shattered."
  • NoHo Arts (“WAR BRIDE”) "Author Samantha Macher came up with a uniquely refreshing original piece that definitely makes you think about how cruel man can be… heart-wrenching…WAR BRIDE is a wonderfully written, moving and passionate play that you will remember long after you see it."
  • Roanoke Star-Sentinel ("The Arctic Circle") "Funny and physical throughout, Macher’s play will strike a chord with those that have been examining their personal relationships over the years."
  • Roanoke Times ("To the New Girl") [June, 2012] " …The play be seen, for it represents the voice of an uncommonly promising young playwright… Macher shines. She is a born teller of stories…[The monologues] are by turns touching, infuriating and amusing. They are unusually insightful for a writer of Macher's tender years… If your thing is honest stories well told, "New Girl" is the play to see."
  • Roanoke Times ("The Arctic Circle") "Macher's fresh dialogue draw the audience into Elin's dysfunction…the transitions add a sense of time and context, so the randomness of the episodes, which could have easily digressed into chaos, flows smoothly into a coherent story."
  • Tolucan Times (“To the New Girl”)  “Written with gritty insight and raw emotion, by promising new young playwright Samantha Macher, this is a provocative study of the deep pain of “cheating” by your ‘one and only.’ … Some scenes are humorous, some are kinky, and some are heartwarming… but all contain painful honesty."
  • Tolucan Times (“WAR BRIDE”)   "[WAR BRIDE] examines what it means to be family and how to connect with each other… a moving piece of theater… WAR BRIDE emotionally examines the hidden scars that destroy human souls."
  • STAGESCENE LA (“WAR BRIDE”) "WOW! [WAR BRIDE is] highly original and often quite gripping…playwright Macher has up her sleeve is something quite different…it ever so slyly upends our expectations…War Bride takes us to a place and time we don’t see depicted all that often on the stage and tells its story with imagination and flair…Macher’s historical drama with a twist is sure to get you talking once the lights have come back up."
  • The Arctic Circle *and a recipe for Swedish pancakes, Finalist, Reva Shiner Comedy Award, Bloomington Playwright’s Project, Bloomington, IL
  • Nominee, Best of Best of No Shame, Iowa City, IA "The Aviatrix"
  • War Bride, Winner, STAGESCENELA Awards, Best New Plays of 2012
  • Hand Job Thursday at the KY Corrall, Winner, Spectrum Theater 24-Hour Playwriting Competition, University of Virginia’s Spectrum Theater
  • Folks Like You, Winner, Delauney Prize for Excellence in Playwriting, University of Virginia

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